Scholarship Essays and Instructions

2015 Scholarship Winners


Scholarship Application Instructions & Essay Questions

We are accepting online scholarship applications now! You may apply for any of the scholarships for which you meet the requirements and wish to be considered. Priority of applicants will go to Whirly-Girls who:

  1. Have not received a scholarship in the last four years;
  2. Have volunteered for the organization recently.

You must provide a separate essay for each scholarship for which you wish to be considered.
Please Download the Essay Questions (link below) and return it/them to the scholarship committee at

Deadline: October 1. Submitted and emailed by the end of business to:

Winners will be notified by email and are requested to attend the Whirly-Girl Scholarship Awards Banquet at HELI-EXPO, which is usually in early March.
*If you prefer to receive a paper copy of the application and mail it to the scholarship committee, email us.

Scholarship Application Essays

Essays are REQUIRED for every scholarship for which you are applying. The essay questions are listed here and available for Word format download below.
In addition to submitting the online application by the deadline on October 1st, the essays must be emailed to the scholarship committee as well.

Please answer the  following essay questions in detail (feel free to use the downloadable Word version below).

  1. Why do you want this specific scholarship?


2. Give an in depth description of how you intend to utilize this scholarship.


3. What are your career goals in the helicopter industry and how will this scholarship help you achieve them?


4. Please explain why you believe you are eligible for this scholarship and how you meet the requirements specified for this scholarship.

Essay Questions – Required

Download application essay questions

Complete by October 1st, end of business (eastern standard time), and

email to