Become a Whirly-Girl



Membership as a Whirly-Girl is open to any woman holding a helicopter rating. If you are not rated in helicopters, or female, you may join as an Associate Member (formerly Auxiliary). There is a separate application for Associate Membership.

Annual dues

Whirly-Girls: $50

Associate members: $25

If you don’t want to to have to pay dues every year, select

Lifetime membership, which allows you to pay a one-time fee of $1200 and never expires.


There is a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $25, which is waived if you are a student pilot or a member of the military.


Qualify to apply for flight and ground training scholarships

Access to the members-only portion of the Whirly-Girls Web site and access to find fellow Whirly-Girls in the database.

Also find job postings, and other flight training resources.

The quarterly newsletter, the Collective Pitch

A Whirly-Girl necklace charm

A lifetime Whirly-Girls member number, and a badge with your name and WG# etched on it.

Pay choose one

Whirly-Girls membership: $75  (includes: $25 initial fee + $50 annual dues)

Associate membership: (student pilot (prior to any rating), military, former auxiliary members): $50 (includes: $25 initial fee + $25 annual dues)

Click Join in the main menu to fill out an application, or email the following to

1. Both sides of pilot certificate license (or military rating)

2. Picture of yourself

3. Word version of application


Become an Associate Member of Whirly-Girls International

If you are not a rated female helicopter pilot or a female student pilot and are interested in supporting this organization, join us as an associate member.

Associate members who are female rated fixed wing pilots are eligible to apply for the Helicopter Add-On Scholarship. Associate members are very important to us and may join to provide financial, professional and enthusiastic support to the Whirly-Girls. Other benefits include a subscription to our quarterly newsletter, the Collective Pitch.

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