Emeritus Circle

Time to send your nominations for the Emeritus Circle Volunteer Awards

Every year the Emeritus Circle presents awards to outstanding volunteers who are nominated by the membership in 4 categories:

Livingston Award

Established by WG#4 Nancy Livingston Stratford, this award honors a woman who has achieved distinction for her contributions on behalf of women in helicopter aviation.

Whirly-Girls Diamond Volunteer Award

Presented to a Whirly-Girl who has given of herself to a long-term project benefitting the Whirly-Girls.

Whirly-Girls Volunteer of the Year

Presented to a Whirly-Girl who has done something outstanding for the organization in the past year.

Whirly-Girls Associate Award

Presented to an associate (formerly auxiliary) member who has done outstanding work for the Whirly-Girls.

Please email your nominations with a short paragraph explaining the reason for the nomination to the
Emeritus Circle Chair 

Nominations are due January 5th

About the Emeritus Circle

Contact the Emeritus Circle

Previous Whirly-Girls boards of directors established the Emeritus Circle as a way to capture acquired wisdom about the organization, its members and its operations comprised of members who have served in a board or other volunteer or executive position within the organization. The hope is to build on lessons learned and avoid repeating mistakes or wasting momentum as the organization grows and moves forward. Any Whirly-Girl board member or executive officer who has fulfilled her term, unless she had terminated it early, is eligible for membership in the Emeritus Circle.

The Emeritus Circle has become a beneficial resource to the board with contributions of Whirly-Girls history and knowledge. They provide ongoing visibility of our history to help the membership show appreciation for their leadership.

The Emeritus Circle annually chooses the recipients of the Volunteer of the Year Award (VYA) and the Diamond Volunteer Award (DVA). The first is to recognize a volunteer for her contributions to a project for the organization that has shown an outstanding positive effect within the past year. The DVA recipient is a volunteer who has given of herself toward a long-term project or projects that have benefitted the Whirly-Girls. The Emeritus Circle presents the Awards during the annual Whirly-Girls Scholarship Awards Banquet at HELI-EXPO on behalf of the Whirly-Girls, International.

The Emeritus Circle assists in photo archiving and also assist the current president in a variety of projects that help the organization.

Whirly-Girls Volunteers

Military Coordinator WG#1176 Camille Griffin
HAI Membership Booth Managers WG#1771 Jessica Kanellos & WG#1650 Krista Holstrom
Historian WG#295 Sherry Rossiter
Silent Auction Chair WG#1764 Holley Gardel
Emeritus Circle Chair WG#247 Nelda Lee
Livingston Award Committee WG#202 Diane Dowd
Collective Pitch Newsletter Editor WG#1329 Laura McColm
Webmaster WG#1329 Laura McColm
Whirly-Girls Banner Trustee WG#1711 Joni Schultz
Membership Director WG#388 Deb Sawyer
Membership Database Manager WG#788 Cassie Morris
Associate Membership/Auxiliary Chair vacant (Jessica Kanellos is temporary contact)
Website Committee contact WG#1398 Kate Garrison