Whirly-Girl Scholarship Sponsors

The Whirly-Girls are grateful to our generous sponsors for providing scholarships for our 2017 scholarship season:

Advanced Mountain Flight Training Scholarship

The scholarship is provided by Nancy Livingston Stratford, WG #4 in memory of Keiko Minakata, WG #1339. The ground portion of the course is provided by Western Helicopters, Inc. The scholarship gives a deserving Whirly-Girl the skills to cope with turbulence, rugged terrain, and landing zone selection in mountainous and canyon areas, with special emphasis placed on decision making. It also provides the skill needed to fly all sorts of private and commercial helicopter missions that require off-airport landings anywhere in the country, regardless of altitude or terrain.

Airbus Flight Training Scholarship

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. (airbushelicoptersinc.com) manufactures, markets, sells, assembles, supports and provides training solutions for Airbus helicopters in the United States. Since beginning operations in 1969, they have become a leading provider to the U.S. helicopter sales market. They provide law enforcement helicopters, military rotary wing aircraft, air medical helicopters, and corporate helicopters for missions nationwide. Airbus Helicopters, Inc. also markets used aircraft for the U.S. market.

In the U.S. today, over 1,800 Airbus rotary-wing aircraft are flown nationwide, including corporate and business customers, hospitals and emergency medical services, tourism operators, law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Coast Guard, Customs and Border Patrol, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. provides a scholarship which gives a Whirly-Girl the opportunity to attend an AS350 Turbine Transition Course at their facility in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA.

Aircraft Ditching Course Scholarship

Survival Systems USA, Inc. (www.survivalsystemsinc.com) is an employee-owned company dedicated to safety and survival education, specializing in underwater egress training and sea survival techniques. With more than three decades of research and innovation behind them, their purpose is explicit: "To Enhance and Preserve Lives."

The Aircraft Ditching Course Scholarship provides two deserving Whirly-Girls the knowledge and skills necessary to react to an aircraft-ditching emergency, care for herself in a sea survival situation, and to participate to the maximum extent in her rescue.

Antipodean and Embry-Riddle Wire and Obstacle Environment Awareness Course Scholarship
Embry-Riddle Commercial Helicopter Pilot Ground School Course Scholarship

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) and Antipodean Aviation together are providing the Antipodean and Embry-Riddle Wire and Obstacle Environment Awareness Course Scholarship. ERAU is also offering the Embry-Riddle Commercial Helicopter Pilot Ground School Course Scholarship.

Embry-Riddle (www.erau.edu), established in 1926, is a pioneer in aviation education. Embry-Riddle provides highly reputable and comprehensive education in multiple aviation-related fields. Antipodean Aviation (antipodeanaviation.com), a leader also in aviation education, is committed to providing the aviation field with highly trained and qualified individuals, and thus, has partnered with ERAU to provide courses and specialized training for the aviation-minded individual.

FlightSafety International Bell 206 Initial Scholarship

FlightSafety International (www.flightsafety.com) is famous for its comprehensive safety training, delivering more than a million hours of professional instruction each year and training more pilots than any other company. Thousands of pilots train to proficiency at 40 Learning Centers in the United States, Canada, France and the United Kingdom. Training locations include their newest comprehensive center at historic Farnborough Airport just outside London, and their recently opened rotorcraft Learning Center in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The FlightSafety International Bell 206 Initial Pilot Scholarship includes initial type training, recurrent training, and inadvertent IMC training using the world’s first Bell 206 FAA Level 7 qualified Flight Training Device. This five-day course consists of academic training and six hours in the FTD.

Garmin GTN and G500/600 Course Scholarship

NEW THIS YEAR:  Garmin is a leading worldwide provider of navigation products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. The scholarships will be awarded to two Whirly-Girls who wish to increase their knowledge in how to maximize the benefits of Garmin equipment capabilities and to be confident in operation and integration of Garmin equipment as part of their flight operations. Garmin Aviation Training is a leader in providing training of Garmin aviation equipment to help the pilot maximize the benefits of Garmin equipment capabilities and to be confident in operation and integration of Garmin equipment as part of flight operations.

Oregon Aero Crew Resource Management Training Scholarship

This 4.5 hour online Crew Resource Management (CRM) course, sponsored by Oregon Aero’s Randy Mains, Chief CRM/AMRM Safety Instructor, will be provided to a deserving Whirly-Girl. The CRM course, valued at $500, is an online interactive video conferencing session personally led by Randy Mains, tailored to the candidate containing the elements specified by the FAA for Crew Resource Management Training or Air Medical Resource Management. Requirements: the applicant must be a member in good standing and must have joined the Whirly-Girls no later than September 20, 2015. The scholarship must be completed by December 31, 2016.

Robinson Helicopter R22/R44/R66 Safety Course Scholarships

R66 NEW THIS YEAR: Founded in 1973 by Frank Robinson, Robinson Helicopter (www.robinsonheli.com) is currently the world's leading manufacturer of civil helicopters. Based in Torrence, California, Robinson Helicopter employs approximately 1300 employees, and its R22, R44, and R66 helicopters are used for a multitude of operations world-wide. In 2010, Robinson added 133,000 square feet of manufacturing space to their operation, bringing the company's total manufacturing space to 617,000 square feet.

The Robinson Helicopter scholarship provides a Whirly-Girl currently flying Robinsons the opportunity to attend their extremely popular monthly Safety Course and build R22, R44, R66 time. Robinson provides this 3-1/2 day course in Torrance, CA, USA, including 5 hours of flight time. The course includes 2-1/2 days of classroom instruction, awareness training, SFAR 73, in the R22, R44, or R66 helicopter systems.  One day is devoted to maintenance, pre-flight inspections, and flying with an experienced RHC pilot. This course is required by most insurance companies and serves as a CFI refresher.

The Whirly-Girls also provide two scholarships:

Whirly-Girls Memorial Flight Training Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the WGSF, Inc., and combines the Phelan International and Doris Mullen Flight Training Scholarships. This scholarship provides $8,000 and is given in memory of our founder, Jean and her husband Jim Phelan, along with the memory of Doris Mullen who lost her life in a fixed wing accident in 1968. This scholarship provides ANY Whirly-Girl a chance to UPGRADE her current rating. (It is typically applied toward Commercial, Instrument, Instructor, ATP, or Turbine Transition Training.)

Whirly-Girls Helicopter Add-on Fight Training Scholarship

FOR FEMALE PILOTS RATED IN AIRCRAFT OTHER THAN HELICOPTERS. This scholarship, funded by the WGSF, provides $8,000 to assist a certificated female pilot who does not currently have a helicopter rating in earning her add-on helicopter rating. The applicant will be evaluated for evidence of intent to work in the helicopter industry.

Our Corporate Sponsors

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