Planned Giving


Leave a Legacy via the Whirly-Girls

In the last few years, the Whirly Girls Scholarship Fund (WGSF), Inc., doing business as Whirly-Girls International, has received several inquiries from long time Whirly-Girls about opportunities and procedures for “planned giving.” Some Whirly-Girls have already named the WGSF, Inc. as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, 401(k), or an annuity. Other members have inquired about setting up endowments or trusts to establish a specific scholarship, to pay for a particular organizational expense, or simply to fund general operating expenses.

Annuities are especially attractive to both non-profit organizations and donors because they have fixed interest rates, a specific amount of money can be designated to be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually, and the organization can then include that guaranteed income in their budget planning.


How to Plan Donations

Donations to the WGSF can be designated “restricted” or “unrestricted.” Restricted funds (by IRS ruling) must be used for their designated purpose whereas unrestricted donations and gifts may be used as the Board of Directors sees fit.

The WGSF, Inc. is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation and all donations of cash, stocks, bonds, property, or in kind services are considered legitimate tax deductions on your federal and state tax returns. In some states, donations to 501(c)(3) organizations may even generate a tax credit to the donor.


Please consult with your tax accountant, financial planner, insurance agent or attorney to see how you personally would benefit from a planned gift to the WGSF, Inc. If you have already arranged to name the Whirly-Girls in your planned giving, please verify that the proper organizational name is used; for example, Whirly-Girls Inc. is no longer in use, but WGSF, Inc. or Whirly-Girls International is correct.


For more information about planned giving opportunities, please email, or send to WGSF Treasurer at P. O. Box 759, Tryon NC 28782, U. S. A.


For one-time gifts, you may wish to download and complete the simple Contribution Transmittal Form.



Verbiage for Planned Giving

We’ve put together a form with correct verbiage to help you in your planned giving preparations for wills, trusts and letters. To download it, click here.

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