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alt50th Anniversary Photo CD: Visit the Whirly-Girl store and order your CD from the 50th Anniversary Celebration in Washington, D.C. This CD contains a slide show presentation that plays to music. It’s guaranteed to bring back lovely memories. Click here to learn more about the CD and review the system requirements required to view the CD or click here to go to the Whirly-Girl Store.

Photo by Dan Magna, Courtesy of Vertical Magazine.

Address and Name Changes: Have you changed email or snail-mail address? How about your name? We all have to remember to notify so many people and organizations when we change this critical contact info about ourselves; please remember to update us also. Just click here to update your information. Thanks!

Save a Tree and a Stamp: If you prefer to read the Collective Pitch via the website, notify the Webmaster so we may reduce printing and postage costs. On the Members-Only page log-on, request to update info, and input your name and Whirly-Girl number then tick the box at the bottom. In late 2003, we began to mail hard copy only to members in good standing who have not opted to view the newsletter on-line. Since Spring of 2004, access to the Members Only page has been limited to dues-paying members, so be sure your own dues are current.

Need a New WG Name Badge? Just click on this form, complete it, and cut/paste into an email to the Whirly-Girl Treasurer to get a new one.

Pay Dues Online:Go to the Pay Dues page where you will find a new PayPal link. If you do not already have a PayPal account, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get on board with this secure method of transferring funds; it is the wave of the future -- sign up now while it’s still free!

Do you have news you’d like posted here, viewable to the general public? E-mail the Webmaster.

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