The following companies are listed for information purposes only. Many of these companies employ women helicopter pilots. Please contact the company directly for up to date qualifications and job openings.

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General Information (Salary Scale, Sample Resumes):

Frequent Employers of Helicopter Pilots:

  • Air Center Helicopters Ft. Worth, Texas
  • Air Logistics of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Air Methods Englewood, Colorado.
  • Columbia Helicopters Portland, Oregon
    Kristy Elson - Personnel Assistant
    P.O. Box 3500, Portland, OR 97208
    Phone: 503 678-1222; Fax: 503 678-5841
  • Chesapeake Bay Helicopters Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
  • ERA Helicopters, LLC, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • Papillon Helicopters Tours in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon
  • PHI, Inc. Lafayette, Louisiana
    Minimum Requirements:
    Commercial Rotorcraft license w/instrument rating
    1,000 hours PIC in helicopters preferred
    Must have current Class II Medical and be eligible to work in the US.
  • Reach Helicopters, Emergency Medical Services
    3000 hours total helicopter time
    1500 hours helicopter PIC
    500 hours night experience
    200 hours IFR experience (100 hours preferred for VFR position)
    Commercial instrument helicopter rating
    Must currently meet and maintain duty weight of less than 205 LBS (body weight plus uniform/equipment).
    Preferred: EMS and FAR 135 experience, ATP rating, NVG, SPIFR experience in a complex helicopter.
    To view current openings and to apply online, go to our website at www.REACHair.com and click on the “Join Our Team” link. For inquiries or to find out more information, contact Aviation Recruiter.
  • URS Fort Rucker is proud to be a member of the Army Aviation Team and is committed to providing the finest in aviation training.
  • U.S Customs
    Contact: Laura Goldsberry
    WG #515
  • U.S Department of the Interior
    Office of Aircraft Services
    741 Airport Way
    Boise, ID 83705


Photo by Dan Magna, Courtesy of Vertical Magazine.


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