In the Cockpit: Whirly-Girl Leadership

Board of Directors

The Whirly-Girls would not be able to run efficiently or be able to provide the outstanding benefits it does for its membership if it weren’t for the hours of volunteer efforts of the executive board and other volunteers. To e-mail any of these ladies, click on their names.

Executive Board of Whirly-Girl Scholarship Fund, Inc

President Joni Schultz WG #1711
Vice President of Operations Colleen Chen WG #694
Secretary Sharlene Miles WG #1680
Treasurer Ann Lockwood WG #1777
Vice President of Marketing Krista Holstrom WG #1650
Vice President of Scholarships Pending  
Scholarship Director Sarah Smith-Dufton WG #1835
Scholarship Director Banumathi Cole WG #1714
Vice President of Membership Jessica Kanellos WG #1771
Immediate Past President Laura McColm WG #1329


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Other Valuable Volunteers:

Membership Director
Deb Sawyer WG #388
Sherry Rossiter WG #295
Silent Auction Chair
Holley Gardel WG #1764
Emeritus Circle Chair
Nelda Lee
WG #247
Livingston Award Committee
Diane Dowd WG #202
Collective Pitch Newsletter Editor
Laura McColm WG #1329
Laura McColm WG #1329
Whirly-Girl Banner Trustee Joni Schultz WG #1711
Membership Database Manager
Cassie Morris WG #718

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