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Janie Foster
Janie Foster WG #1070 and AW139 on pipeline construction ship in the Gulf of Mexico 

Welcome to the website of the Whirly-Girls, International Women Helicopter Pilots. We are a support network for pilots and provide a variety of scholarships to women for helicopter training.

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Lightspeed Aviation Foundation Grant Opportunity

The Whirly-Girls are in the running for a Lightspeed Aviation Foundation grant! This grant will help us expand our services to our members, the aviation community, and the public at large. But we need your help. Please vote for us by clicking on the image at the right, and pass the word along.

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Gatherings at Women in Aviation Conference

The Whirly-Girls attended the 25th Annual Women in Aviation Conference in Lake Buena Vista, near Orlando in Florida. Our booth in the Helicopter Center was a gathering point for old and new Whirly-Girls and auxiliary members alike, and our hovering was a delightful reunion. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Whirly-Girls at HELI-EXPO

The Whirly-Girls had a great line-up of events at HELI-EXPO this year. Our Annual Meeting, Hovering, educational seminar with Linsay Cunningham (WG #1662), Silent Auction, and Banquet all took place on February 24 and were well-attended.

Here's a photo from the Hovering:

2014 Hovering in Anaheim, California

Our Merchandise and Membership booths were popular this year, and the second Silent Auction took place on February 25. The proceeds from the booth sales, Silent Auctions, and raffles for a GoPro and TV will help support our scholarship program.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make our events such a success!


Membership Sponsorships

Are you a woman who flies helicopters and has at least a private certificate? Through the efforts of a few generous supporters, the Whirly-Girls are expanding the sponsorship program to include twelve (12) initial memberships to the organization, valued at $75 each. These sponsorships allow women who fly helicopters (and not yet members) to join the Whirly-Girls organization at no cost and take advantage of the many benefits of being a member, including participation in the generous scholarship program. Any female pilot who possesses a Rotorcraft-Helicopter rating at the time of application is eligible to apply. The awards will be made at Heli-Expo in Anaheim, California next February. It is not necessary to be present to be considered. The deadline for application is February 10th, 2014. You can download the application from our Join Now page.


We have new job postings on our members only job page. Take a look!


Attention Whirly-Girls who fly Robinsons: Claus Richter of Gyronimo Systems has created an app for iPhones and iPads that calculates weight & balance, OGE/IGE hover ceilings, max continuous power, never exceed speed, and E6B flight time and wind calculations for Robinson R22, R44 Raven I, and R44 Raven II helicopters. He is giving away 10 licenses to the first Whirly-Girls who contact him: claus.richter@gyronimosystems.com

See www.gyronimosystems.com, or take a look at his video: 

WHIRLY GIRLS JUST FLY -- A Documentary Film about Female Helicopter Pilots

Evi Baumgartner, WG #1037, has created a stunning documentary film featuring five incredible women who show the courage and willpower necessary to open up new vistas and create new role models for women. This film provides a fascinating insight into the lives of helicopter pilots both inside and outside the cockpit. How did they get interested in helicopters? How do they get along in this sector that is still so male-dominated? And what does flying mean for their lives? WHIRLY GIRLS JUST FLY answers these questions and empowers other women to go for their goals as well.

The official trailer can be watched now on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIlOz6IWR2M1

The documentary film, produced without any external funds, is available now on DVD. More information can be found at www.baumgartnerfilm.com

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Whirly-Girls was formed in 1955 by Jean Ross Howard Phelan, who wanted to build a community where female helicopter pilots could share and grow. Today it has grown to include the largest source of scholarships for female helicopter pilots. Membership is open to any woman with a helicopter license. Additionally, the Whirly-Girls Auxillary is available to those who are not eligible for regular membership. Membership affords you access to exclusive areas of the website, including job listings and networking opportunities.

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In Memoriam
We have tried to honor our past members who are Hovering in Heaven here when we are sent information about them. Click here to visit our In Memoriam page.

Please contact the Secretary if you have questions about this amazing organization, wish to partner with us to advance opportunities for women in rotorcraft aviation, or would like to receive our informational brochure. If you have questions about the website, please email the Webmaster.

Updated: 4/15/14

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