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NASA Langley Research Center

View an overview of helicopter and vertical aircraft flight tests performed at NASA Langley over the last 95 years. 


Celebrate Women Hovering Over the World (WHOW)

Mark your calendars for July 25, 2015 and gather together with local Whirly-Girls and friends in celebration and friendship. Contact Kathryn McSeveney at wgmcoor@whirlygirls.org for local meeting information.


Welcome to the website of the Whirly-Girls, International Women Helicopter Pilots. We are a support network for pilots and provide a variety of scholarships to women for helicopter training.

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The Spring Collective Pitch is up

Members whose dues are current can log on to view it here. Take a look at photos and descriptions of the festivities from this year's 60th Silver Anniversary celebrations in Orlando, and catch up with new members!

Dianna Stanger, WG #1178

Whirly-Girl President takes International Title for the Third Time!

Read about it in the Spring issue of Rotor magazine, page 48.

Some individuals go well beyond averages and that is what happened during the Women of Aviation Week an annual international competition. In fact, Dianna Stanger singlehandedly conducted 111 flights to introduce 441 girls and women. She wins the “Most Dedicated Female Pilot Worldwide” title. Since 2011, Stanger has introduced 900 girls and women to flying as part of the Fly It Forward™ Challenge.

Talking about being a female pilot is one thing. Stanger demonstrates her passion and inspires those around her. When asked about her favorite part attending the Albuquerque event, Kelley replied: “The flight and the pilot! We got to ride in the helicopter with Dianna, and she was so down to earth and fun”.

The week ­long Women of Aviation Worldwide Week "Fly it Forward Challenge" event at Albuquerque, New Mexico's International Sunport (KABQ) was an astounding success, with over 700 free "first flights" in private aircraft given to females during the week of March 2­8.

The incredible event, along with all the winners for 2015, can be found here.


The Whirly-Girl Store is Now Open

Get your custom Whirly-Girl merchandise: our online store is now open and ready for your orders. Special 15% discount to celebrate the store that has all the official Whirly-Girl merchandise! Visit whirlygirls.qbstores.com and support the Whirly-Girls!


The Sky’s No Limit – Girls Fly Too!

In 2012, Kirsten Brazier (WG #1372) established The Sky’s No Limit – Girls Fly Too!, an outreach initiative to share her passion for aviation and energize more females to discover the amazing opportunities available to them in aviation, aerospace and space.This year marks the third time in four years that The Sky’s No Limit – Girls Fly Too! set a new worldwide precedent for the largest event of its kind. Over 9,800 participants attended the aviation and aerospace discovery event for women, and 1741 females flew -- for free.Brazier, a fixed-wing and helicopter pilot based in Canada, is on a mission to inspire more women to pursue aviation and aerospace trades.“The majority of our target female audience have no experience with, or exposure to aviation. Before we can engage and inspire females with the limitless opportunities available in aviation, aerospace and space, we must first attract them to the airport and grab their attention,” said Brazier. “We can think of no better way to do this than by taking them flying for the first time – the first flight experience is so incredible we just have to share it!...We welcome all ages to our events because it’s never too late to spark an interest in the many facets of aviation, aerospace and space.”“From shop floor to top floor we’re inspiring future leaders!” Brazier exclaims. 

You can read more about the event here. 


Do-Si-Do In the Sky

Through research into the U.S. Army Helicopter Square Dance Team, we have a chance to view the Whirly-Girls inspiration for the original logo.

The film, Do-Si-Do in the Sky, follows the helicopter square dance team in its heyday of the 1950s.


We have new job postings on our members only job page -- last updated 26 April 2015. Take a look!

WHIRLY GIRLS JUST FLY -- A Documentary Film about Female Helicopter Pilots

Evi Baumgartner, WG #1037, has created a stunning documentary film featuring five incredible women who show the courage and willpower necessary to open up new vistas and create new role models for women. This film provides a fascinating insight into the lives of helicopter pilots both inside and outside the cockpit. How did they get interested in helicopters? How do they get along in this sector that is still so male-dominated? And what does flying mean for their lives? WHIRLY GIRLS JUST FLY answers these questions and empowers other women to go for their goals as well.

The official trailer can be watched now on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIlOz6IWR2M1

The documentary film, produced without any external funds, is available now on DVD. More information can be found at www.baumgartnerfilm.com

Want more videos about women helicopter pilots?
Take a look at the Spotlight on Women in Helicopter Aviation video. You can watch the video online at www.rotor.com or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwwENgQ9reY&feature=youtube_gdata_player

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Whirly-Girls was formed in 1955 by Jean Ross Howard Phelan, who wanted to build a community where female helicopter pilots could share and grow. Today it has grown to include the largest source of scholarships for female helicopter pilots. Membership is open to any woman with a helicopter license. Additionally, the Whirly-Girls Auxiliary is available to those who are not eligible for regular membership. Membership affords you access to exclusive areas of the website, including job listings and networking opportunities.

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We have tried to honor our past members who are Hovering in Heaven here when we are sent information about them. Click here to visit our In Memoriam page.

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